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What is Design-Build?

Noble Home primarily designs custom high performance dwellings, additions, and small commercial structures fitting the landscape, individual requirements and budgets. On local projects, we can employ the Design-Build method, which streamlines on site decision making, reduces conflicts, and empowers owners with a single point of contact.


Design Services

Our environmental awareness drives our design for a limited resource world, resulting in an inspiring, sun-filled, energy efficient space.

Concept to Completion


Design Philosophy

Noble Home's architectural design is rooted in the philosophy of Organic Architecture, practiced by the late Frank Lloyd Wright and numerous other designers. Utilizing conventional and/or alternative building methods including passive solar heating and SIPs, the design of your home will be seamlessly integrated into its site while being spatially relevant to contemporary life. We also believe in appropriate land development that can reduce individual dwelling costs by sharing resources.


Schedule Appointment

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Construction Services

Noble Home can contract and build local projects. We are fully licensed and insured. We believe in using time tested natural materials with the least embodied energy as much as possible. We work tirelessly to meet project schedules and budgets.




These guys are amazing and they really know how to do simple aesthetics, green building & space saving all bundled into one great living space.
‘Not Typical’ has become one of the most commonly uttered phrases around this job site...which I love. Of course, it’s PERFECT. Another design coup by Noah...Noah’s innovation was both practical and aesthetic.
— Ben
I must say that everytime I think that I want to side-step Noah’s ideas I end up agreeing with his decisions in the end. I have been truly impressed with the decisions that he has made in The Noble Home.

I found a small posting for a new company called Noble Home. I printed off a few drawings from their website and took them home to show Izak. That was it. I called Noah Grundberg (owner of Noble Home) the next day, got a quick run down of his Noble Home concept, and we had him draw us up a contract that week.

We saw his concept sketches and knew it was the right house for us.


Take a look at some of our work.


Our designers and builders are problem solvers. From structural challenges to low tech solar heating systems, we are up to the task.

Owner Noah Grunberg has been designing and building appropriate dwellings for 25 years, beginning as an apprentice to the Taliesin Architects, established by the late Frank Lloyd Wright. He has also renovated numerous mid-century modern houses in the Boston area and taught classes on design and modern architecture.

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